Arts Advocacy & Historic Preservation

Allied Arts Foundation has long and successful history of advocacy for the arts and historic preservation.

From helping to save Pike Place Market from the wrecking ball and limiting Seattle billboards in the 1970’s to our push for Port of Seattle’s 1% for the Arts, Allied Arts Foundation is fighting for the arts.

Working within legal limits:

Arts Advocacy AAF maintains its community interest and advocacy for the arts to the extent allowed by our 501(c)(3) designation.  Per IRS regulations, we may not engage in “substantial” lobbying, make contributions to political campaign funds, nor promote a particular candidate for office. Some lobbying is allowed if it is generally less than 20% of annual expenditures or 5% of programming time.

Member: Washington State Cultural Alliance:

(formerly Cultural Access Washington)

Washington State Cultural Alliance (WASCA) was formed in 2019 when Washington State Arts Alliance joined forces with Cultural Access Washington. Their goal is to bring a new ballot to the King County elections to create a workable, new funding initiative for the arts.

An earlier flawed initiative was voted down in 2017. However a brilliantly successful initiative was passed by Pierce County in 2018, giving hope, inspiration, and a blueprint for King County.

Member: Friends of Pike Place Market:

Save the MarketHaving helped save Pike Place Market and found the advocacy group Friends of the Market in the early 1970s, Allied Arts Foundation is keenly interested in the continued preservation of this cultural landmark and beloved farmer’s market.


You can help fight for arts causes and the preservation of our history in Washington with a gift to the Allied Arts Foundation Advocacy Fund. All donations are tax deductible and any amount will make a difference!

Our recent advocacy news:

Friends of the Market

50th Anniversary of the Citizen’s Initiative

AAF is a proud sponsor of the upcoming Friends of the Market event to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the passing of the Citizen’s Initiative to save Pike Place Market.  The event will occur on September 30, 2021.

See their website for more info.

Save the Hahn Building

Ever since Save the Market Entrance brought the plight of the historic Hahn Building to the attention of the people of Seattle, AAF has been on their side promoting the saving of this building.

In January, 2021, The Hahn Building was awarded Landmark Designation by the Downtown Landmarks Preservation Board.

Port-Wide 1% for Art

Port-wide One Percent for Art Strategy

AAF was an early and loud supporter of this successful initiative to double the Port of Seattle’s income for public art from half a percent to a full 1% of all port projects.

This exceptional boon for the arts in our region was thanks to the passion and vision of Port of Seattle Commissioner Peter Steinbrueck, who developed the strategy, tirelessly promoted it, and lobbied for its passage. Thank you, Peter!