Frequently Asked Questions

I hear the name Allied Arts a lot. What’s the difference between Allied Arts of Seattle and Allied Arts Foundation?

Allied Arts Foundation (AAF) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, tax-deductible public philanthropic organization which was established as the funding arm for and by members of Allied Arts of Seattle (AAS), a 501(c)4 lobbying organization which is tax-exempt, but not tax-deductible. The original mission of the Foundation was to support the educational programs and operation of the advocacy organization through financial grants. Eventually, the Foundation added independent granting and sponsorship programs, for which it is chiefly known today, to serve area artists directly. Through the years, the two organizations have gone in separate directions, and the Foundation no longer serves the advocacy group in any capacity. The perceived connection between the two organizations lingers because many of those involved in the early efforts of the advocacy group now serve at the helm of AAF.

What criteria do you use when judging grant proposals?

Our grant program is currently suspended.  When active, each board member serving on the grant review committee uses their own personal criteria in selecting projects they find worthy of funding. When scores are compiled, those applications eliciting the most interest on a point-scale system are awarded funding on their numerical strength. Generally, the strongest applications are those which: appear to have the proper project management to ensure completion and success; have a clear artistic objective which committee members find compelling; and serve the broadest audience in King County.

By fiscal sponsorship, does that mean you would keep my books and file my taxes?

Allied Arts Foundation assumes no obligation for financial reporting for a sponsored project, except as the pass through funding for a project affects the Foundation’s own tax reporting to the IRS. Sponsored projects receive a Form 1099 each year from the foundation if the pass through amount earned by a project has exceeded $600. The representative of the sponsored project is expected to furnish the IRS with the information on their earnings.

When can I apply for an AAF grant?

Our grant program is currently suspended.  When active, notification and a “call-to-artists” appear in various arts organization media at the beginning of each AAF grant round, in addition to the announcement on the front page of this website. 4Culture (King County), the Seattle Arts Commission, and Artist Trust are valuable resources for a variety of artist opportunities, including the call-to-artists for AAF grant rounds. The AAF grant cycle is usually conducted annually in the fall.

When can I apply for AAF sponsorship?

You may apply for sponsorship at any time, although it is best to apply well in advance of deadlines for applications requiring the use of AAF’s tax identification or Letter of Determination.