Robert J. Block High School Awards

for Exceptional Achievement in the Arts

When Allied Arts Foundation founder Robert J. Block set aside an endowment to fund the arts, it was understood that one of his chief passions was the encouragement of the young to pursue their art.

Since 1998, Allied Arts Foundation has made annual awards to three students from each of Seattle’s fourteen public high schools for their achievements in literary, musical, visual and performing arts. The awards are presented at the end of each scholastic year in the form of a cash award, certificate and letter to each student.

It is with great pleasure that we get first introduction to Seattle’s budding artistic talent, and it is our wish to follow the progress of award recipients in the years to come.

We welcome contributions  earmarked for the Block Awards to add incentive and encouragement for the young in their artistic growth.

The 2017 Block Award Nomination Form has been emailed to our contacts.  High School administrators, counselors and art teachers are invited to contact us for additional information.

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2016 Robert J. Block Awards for Artistic Excellence:

Ballard High School
Cassandra  Burke, Visual Arts
Sage Walsh, Drama/Theatre
Caleb Bantum, Music

The Center School
Lea Schiller, Visual Arts
Joseph Molitor, Drama
Quinn Cook, Literature

Chief Sealth International High School
Elliott Snodgrass, Visual Arts
Janelle Barlow, Performing Arts

Cleveland High School
Christene-Joy  Mayo, Visual Arts
Athena Tong, Video Production
Diana Hernandez Santos, Music

Franklin High School
Anthony Hartsfield, Visual Arts
Xhanta Giorgia, Literature
Rebekah Nachman, Drama and Music

Garfield High School
Aranza Hemandez-Ramirez, Visual Arts
Catherine Lucas-Dorsey, Drama/Theatre

Nathan Hale High School
Lauren Gilbert, Visual Arts
Paola Sanchez-Levy, Visual Arts
Lily Hansen, Drama

Ingraham High School
Jeremy Edrozo, Visual Arts
Ruby Daniel, Drama/Theatre
Elena lmel, Music

Nova High School
Sage Mailman, Visual Arts
Zach Lauson, Visual Arts
Kay Wong, Literary and Performance Arts
Sofia Brooks, Music
Ally LaCoste, Music

Rainier Beach High School
Vannie Pham, Visual Arts
Nina Benally, Visual Arts
Nardos Tekle, Theater

Roosevelt High School
Eric Norman, Visual Arts
Jeremy Berdin, Drama
Jason Dan, Music

Seattle World School
Rayin Po, Visual Arts
Maria Melnikova, Drama
Duong Hai Cao, Music

South Lake High School
Jolinda Vivao, Visual Arts
Stephanie Martinez, Literature
Gabriela Rosales, Music

West Seattle High School
Martin Smith, Visual Arts
Delia Finney, Drama
Ruby Trineer, Music