Board of Directors

Executive Officers

Llewelyn G. Pritchard

Jerry Thonn
1st Vice President

Karen Kane
Vice President, Fiscal Sponsorship

Patricia Clark
Secretary, Treasurer

Lish Whitson

Alice Rooney

Board of Trustees

Lydia Aldredge
Kenan Block
Michael Breeden
Arne Bystrom
Adele Clancy
Alf Collins
Mary Coney
Paul Dunn
Leonard Garfield
Rich Haag
Bruce Haley
Gerald Hansmire
Sally Hayman
Melinda Iverson
Barbara Klein
Michael D. Morrow
Margaret Pageler
Barbara Schafer
Peter Steinbrueck
Linda Strout
Judy Talley
Boyka Thayer
Antoinette Thomas
Rae Tufts
William Victory
Virginia Wyman


Jeff Crandall
Operations Manager